Belnorth Newsletter: Wearing Jewellery, Domino’s POTM Vouchers, Coerver Skills on Friday, Team Photos, Keeper Coaching Course, Club Shop

Wearing of Jewellery During Games

Parents and players should be aware that there are safety concerns when wearing jewellery during football games and there is a National Policy on the wearing of jewellery.

Any player not complying with the Policy should not be allowed to play.

The highlights of the policy are:

  • Bracelets: Only medical alert bracelets may be worn provided they are taped securely to the wrist. The medical information must not be covered by tape.
  • Body piercing: Piercing not visible to the referee is of no concern. Should the piercing become visible the referee will ensure the item is removed.
  • Earrings: No earrings are acceptable. The practice of taping earrings is not acceptable.
  • Facial ring: Any kind of jewellery on the face or around the eyes must be removed.
  • Necklaces: All necklaces must be removed. Medical alert necklaces may be worn provided they are taped securely to the chest. The medical information must not be covered by tape.
  • Watches: Players (but not match officials) must remove all watches.

The full policy is available here.

Second Batch of U5-U11 Domino’s POTM Vouchers

For teams yet to pick up the second batch of U5-U11 Domino’s player of the match vouchers they will be available for team coaches, managers or their assistants to collect this coming Saturday game day at the Central Hub, Kaleen.

reminder that there is only one voucher per player for the season and are to be distributed ONE PER GAME as a player of the match award. They are NOT to be given out all at once.

Domino’s has generously made these vouchers available, but it may stop if teams turn up looking to use all the vouchers at once.

Lastly, the use of vouchers are only redeemable for online orders and for pick up from the below participating Domino’s stores*. The vouchers cannot be scanned in-store or used for a delivery order.

  • Belconnen (Cohen Street)
  • Kippax
  • Dickson
  • Queanbeyan
  • Googong

*Domino’s Bruce is not a participating store.

Coerver Sessions 14/6/2024: U6/U7 Girls, U7 Open, U8 Open & U9 Open

Coerver Coaching ACT will be delivering skills sessions throughout the 2024 season to support coaches and players from U5 to U9 teams. As part of this program Belnorth coaches are encouraged to be actively involved, as Coerver Coaching ACT will also use these sessions to support your coaching development.

The sessions will assist players in becoming more confident and creative by teaching the following topics:

  • Ball Mastery
  • Running with the Ball
  • First Touch
  • Receiving & Passing
  • 1v1 Game Moves
  • Finishing (Scoring Goals)

This Friday’s sessions (14/6/2024) are:

  • U6/U7 Girls: 5:30 pm to 6:00 pm on field 3
  • U7 Open: 5:30 pm to 6:00 pm on field 3
  • U8 Open: 6:15 pm to 6:45 pm on field 3
  • U9 Open: 6:15 pm to 6:45 pm on field 3

Goalkeeper Coaching Course

Capital Football are holding a Foundation of Goalkeeping coaching course at the end of July/early August over two Friday evenings.

Aimed at volunteer parents and coaches working with novice players or players aged up to approximately twelve (12) years old.

This course is a prerequisite for the Goalkeeping B Diploma.

Dates: Friday 26th July & Friday 2nd August 6 pm to 10 pm

Location: Hawker Football Centre, Walhallow St, Hawker ACT

Cost: $100

You can register here.

Team Photos 26/6 & 27/6 @ Eastlake Gungahlin

Junior Team Photos this season will be conducted at Eastlake Gungahlin by Michael Thompson Photography (MTP), over two weeknights, Wednesday the 26th of June and Thursday the 27th of June.

Eastlake Gungahlin is a good place to tuck into a meal before or after the photo sessions. For those coming on Wednesdays it’s Pizza NightThursdays are Steak Night along with 2 for 1 Cakes and there is a Meat Raffle!

You can book a table at Eastlake Gungahlin via phone 6147 5511.

Where: Eastlake Gungahlin51 Hinder St, Gungahlin ACT 2912

When: Wednesday the 26th of June and Thursday the 27th of June (specific team days/times here)

Parking: Underground parking is off Efkarpidis Street or there is more parking over the road.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please bring your cleaned boots and put them on just prior to the photoDon’t come into the club wearing your boots. This often brings unwanted grass into the club and is not appreciated.

Function Attendee Information:

  • All attendees must present to reception on arrival.
  • Eastlake Members can present/show their members card to Reception, and head into the function space.
  • Non-Member attendees (18years or older) must present their Photo ID to Reception and be signed into the venue, before heading into the function space.
  • When signed into the venue as an attendee of a function only, please be aware you are excluded from using any of the venue’s gambling facilities (poker machines, KENO & TAB). Function guests are welcome to purchase food and drink from the Bistro and Main Bar.
  • The Eastlake Group does not allow any external food or beverage in any of its venues.

Arrive early to allow the sign in process.

Team session times can be found here.

Do you know your Playing Rules?

From under 6 to over 55, playing rules and formats differ.

Check out the link below for more information about the different age groups.

What about U5s? U5 have no formal playing format or rules, but the U6 and U7 standards are a good guide with slightly smaller fields and shorter game times.

Coaching tips for U5-U9 and beyond

reminder to coaches and parents, it’s important to emphasise to kids the goal is to have fun and to play in a safe and fair way.

If a team is winning comfortably, the team coach should challenge his players to complete three passes before a goal and give the opposing team a chance to complete some passes before they start defending. We want kids to enjoy themselves and keep playing, we don’t want them in tears.

On the safety front, coaches and parents should encourage players to stay on their feet. Slide tackling for the sake of it should be frowned upon, especially if it collects “ball and all”, risking injury.

Lastly, coaches and managers should ensure players get a fair go at playing during every game. A Fair Game Time calculator and resources are available here.

Do you know your Spectator & Technical Areas?

Only teams and officials are allowed in Technical AreasPlease respect our Spectator and Technical areas at Kaleen and similar rules at away venues.

You can brush up on Spectator and Technical Areas here

Coaching, Managers, CVOs and ARs

A quick reminder that Coaches and Managers can’t be Club Vested Officials (CVOs) or volunteer Assistant Referees (ARs) at the same time. 

Prior to games, it is suggested that teams designate volunteers, possibly on a roster, to fill any required AR and CVO roles. This will allow coaches and managers to concentrate on their duties.

Foundation of Football Coaching Course

Interested in upping yours skills as a U10-U18 or seniors coach? Then the Foundation of Football Course (FOFC) is for you!

The next FOFC is at the end of July with details below.

Dates: Friday 26th July & Friday 2nd August 6 pm to 10 pm

Location: Hawker Football Centre, Walhallow St, Hawker ACT

Cost: $100

The course is aimed at volunteer parents and coaches working with advanced beginner to competent level players or players aged up to approximately fifteen (15) years old.

It involves practical sessions covering the basics of techniques as well as learning about basic playing principles of the game. The course is mostly practical and not graded.

You can register here.

Club Shop Open Saturday 9 am to 11 am

The Belnorth Club Shop will be open this coming Saturday15th June, from 9 am to 11 am at the Central HubKaleen Playing Fields.

With the cold weather now set in, it is the ideal time to grab those warm off-field items, like beaniesscarfshoodies and tracksuits.

Prices and sizing information are available here.

Season Dates

  • 26/6 to 27/6: Junior Team Photos (Eastlake Gungahlin)
  • 6/7: No U5-U15 games
  • 7/7 to 12/7: Kanga Cup
  • 13/7 to 14/7: No Junior or Senior Games
  • 17/8 to 18/8: Seniors Last round
  • 31/8: U16-U18 Last round
  • 24/8 to 1/9: Seniors Championship series
  • 7/9: U5-U15 last round
  • 7/9 to 15/9: U16-U18 Championship series
  • 7/9: Senior Presentation (Belconnen Labor Club)
  • 14/9: U12-U18 Presentation (Belconnen Labor Club)
  • 22/9: U5-U11 Presentation (UC Kaleen High School)
  • 17/9 to 30/9 ACT Sportsgrounds Shutdown

The full 2024 calendar can be found here.

Current Belnorth FC Vacancies

The below vital roles are currently vacant.

  • Small Side Games Registrar (volunteer/committee): Manages the registration and running of the U10 and U11 age groups along with general committee member duties (e.g. meetings, decisions)
  • Operations Manager (volunteer/committee): organisation of equipment (distribution, auditing and ordering). Trophy Liaison (coordination role with registrars). Presentation day organisation (coordination role with committee). Event Organisation (coordination role)
  • Vice President (volunteer/committee): Responsible for assisting the President.
  • Technical Director (paid): responsible for developing, implementing and nurturing player and coach development through sound program design and development for Belnorth. In assuming a technical leadership role, the TD provides mentorship to coaches and players in all programs and fosters good sportsmanship in a safe and fun environment. Further details here.
  • Club Changers (volunteer): Assist with implementing Club Changer modules.
  • General Helpers (Volunteers).
  • Coaches & Managers (Volunteers).

Every volunteer, whether a coach, manager, CVO, referee or committee member, helps the club tick.

If you want to help, please email

“The secret is to gang up on the problem, rather than each other.” – Thomas Stallkamp


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