21/5/21Kanga Cup Registrations close
22/5/21U10-U18 Normal Season starts
29/5/21 to 31/5/21Reconciliation Day Long Weekend – Games played
12/6/21 to 14/6/21Queens Birthday Long Weekend – Games played
4/7/21 to 9/7/21Kanga Cup
TBDTeam photos begin
TBDTeam photos conclude
28/8/21Championship rounds start for Mens State and Community leagues
28/8/21Last round of Junior normal season
5/9/21Senior Championship rounds start for Women and Mens Masters Leagues
11/9/21Junior season ends
TBDEquipment kit hand-in
TBDJunior Presentation
TBDSenior Presentation
17/9/21 to 3010/21ACT sportsgrounds closed for maintenance
TBDSummer comp nominations open
TBDSummer comp nominations close
TBDSummer comp rego opens
TBDSummer comp begins
TBDSummer comp concludes