MiniRoos (U5 – U9)

Game information

The season usually starts in April or early May and finishes in early September. Games are played on Saturday mornings at the Kaleen fields, kicking off at:

  •  8.45 am for U6s, U7s and the U6/U7 girls
  •  9.40 am for U8s
  • 10.00 am for U5s
  • 10.30 am for U9s and the U8/U9 girls

Referee fees will be paid by the club


All players at the club require Belnorth socks, shorts, shin pads and soccer boots, which can be purchased from Rebel Sport at Westfield Belconnen. Make sure that while you are there you sign up for the Season Pass card and link the card to Belnorth. Our club then gets 5% of all sales made by participants which helps keep fees down by allowing us to purchase equipment for the club.

The numbered playing shirts are owned and maintained by Belnorth. They are distributed to team management after team selections have taken place. It is club policy that these shirt sets are returned to the coach or manager after each game so that the sets can be maintained and so that shirts don’t go missing. Team management will normally arrange a washing roster.

Team placements

Players in the Miniroos U5 to U9 ages do not take part in grading – these teams are allocated by the registrars. For any new players to the club we will do our best to put them into a team that they request to play in, but only if there is a vacant position. We have a strict policy of having a maximum of seven players in each team for the U5 to U7s and a maximum of ten players for the U8s and U9s. We will not displace existing team members to make way for special requests.

Your child stays in the same team from U5 to U9 unless you make a specific request to change teams and then only if there are alternative vacant positions available. All teams are mixed in Rooball and we try to make sure that there is a good mix of girls and boys together. Once players move into the U10s, then teams are graded and split into boys & girls teams.

Any requests for these age groups can be sent to your relevant registrar.

Teams will be announced in early April after registrations close. All players will be contacted by their respective coaches/managers.

The coach and/or manager are responsible for contacting each of their team members to inform them of what is expected of them during the season, including training times (if they have them – generally only U7s and above will have a formal training session during the week for about an hour – depending on coach and parents).