Senior Football

Belnorth Seniors

Belnorth Seniors – Belnorth strives to make sport accessible and enjoyable for all ages, while we maintain being one of the strongest junior clubs in the ACT, we are also building a strong seniors.

While we pride ourselves on being a social club it is evident to anyone that has ever played sport before there is no such thing as uncompetitive sport – so we have teams across divisions in the leagues to suit people of varying levels of competitiveness and skill.

Players turning 18 this season still play in the junior competition but a new initiative for the Seniors is moving the U18s to the Senior Registrar to facilitate a seamless move from Juniors to the Seniors. This includes the introduction of a transitional fee for players who go from Belnorth U18s straight to Belnorth Seniors the following year.

Players over 18 and up to the age “you don’t want to chase young people any more” will be looking to play in the State League Competitions. We have Men’s State League teams starting from Division 10 through to Division 2; Women’s State League starting for Division 4 through to 3.

Players over 35 are eligible to play in the Masters Competitions. We look to fill teams in the Men’s Masters from Division 4 through to 2 and Women’s Masters.

Men over 45 who wish to play the gentlemen’s game with like aged participants are eligible to play in the Over 45s Competition.

Please note that the amount of teams available each year is subject to the amount of registrations and while we will always try to ensure finding people suitable teams to play in it is not always guaranteed that we can find everyone a spot.

Uniforms – All players at the club require Belnorth socks and shorts, which can be purchased from Rebel Sport at Westfield Belconnen. Make sure that while you are there you sign up for the Season Pass card and link the card to Belnorth. Our club then gets 5% of all sales made by participants which helps keep fees down by allowing us to purchase equipment for the club. Shin pads and soccer boots of any brand and colour will also be required.

The numbered playing shirts are owned and maintained by Belnorth. They are distributed to team management after team selections have taken place. It is club policy that these shirt sets are returned to the coach or manager after each game so that the sets can be maintained and so that shirts don't go missing. Team management will normally arrange a washing roster.

Seasons – The regular season normally starts around the beginning of April and finishes in September. Usually each draw will consist of 18 rounds, plus finals.

The Seniors Registrar can be contacted at