Parent and Player Expectations

Parent Expectations

  1. Provide positive reinforcement and encouragement for all players on the team during training and game day
  2. Please do not criticise any players at any given time
  3. Please do not criticise the referee as they are developing their skills and doing their best
  4. Contact the manager and/or coach if the player is not able to attend training or games
  5. Please ensure that players are at the game at least 15 minutes before kick off or earlier as specified by the coach
  6. Please ensure players have their shin guards, soccer boots, soccer jersey and water bottle
  7. Please help setup or taken down the soccer goal and net back to Belnorth Kaleen Shipping container when required
  8. Let kids be kids and have fun while running around

Player Expectations

  1. Have fun with your team and always give your best
  2. Listen carefully to the coach and follow instructions all the time
  3. Demonstrate teamwork and team play by being supportive of all team mates
  4. Demonstrate good sportsmanship at games by showing respect for all participants at all times including opposing players, coaches, referees and spectators
  5. Play as a team and pass the ball
  6. Greet the coach by shaking their hand at training and game day
  7. After the game, shake the opposition player’s hand, coach and the referee. Give 3 big cheers to the opposition team and 3 big cheers to the referee