Team numbers

Please find below a list of competitions, team numbers and coaches.

CompetitionTeam NumberCoach & Manager
G U10 AquaBelnorth FC 27J Barnes
G U10 GreenBelnorth FC 28P Pavez
O U10 AquaBelnorth FC 30G Safi
O U10 YellowBelnorth FC 31T Perkins
O U10 GreenBelnorth FC 32D Baillie / H Lourdes
O U10 GreenBelnorth FC 33D Houlihan
O U10 PinkBelnorth FC 29S Maunsell
O U10 LimeBelnorth FC 34A Tomlinson
O U10 PinkBelnorth FC 35H Lourdes / A Fry
G U11 AquaBelnorth FC 36J Olivares Valdivia
G U11 YellowBelnorth FC 37A Daly
O U11 AquaBelnorth FC 39R Boyd
O U11 YellowBelnorth FC 40A Herd
O U11 YellowBelnorth FC 41M Blood
O U11 GreenBelnorth FC 42E McCreath
O U11 LimeBelnorth FC 43R Sbirakos
O U11 LimeBelnorth FC 44G Zamora / R Huggett
G U12/1Belnorth FC 14J Rogalewski-Slade
O U12/1Belnorth FC 17D Bailie
O U12/3Belnorth FC 18G Farrugia
O U13/2Belnorth FC 19D Correia
O U13/3Belnorth FC 20M Wojtaszak
O U13/3Belnorth FC 22N Davill
G U14/1Belnorth FC 15T Rolke
O U14/2Belnorth FC 23N Blair
O U15/1Belnorth FC 25P Ness
G U16/1Belnorth FC 16L Brown
G U18/1Belnorth FC 45K Newman
O U18/2Belnorth FC 26I Richardson

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