Belnorth Newsletter: AGM Set, 1 Star Club Changer Status, Calling for Sponsors

AGM set for 6:30 pm Sunday 10th of December

Belnorth’s Annual General Meeting has been set for 6:30 pm, Sunday 10/12/2023 at The Clubhouse Kaleen, 16 Georgina Cres, Kaleen ACT 2617.

At the AGM the club’s financial year statements and audit are presented along with various committee reports. We also call for nominations for available committee positions.

The following committee positions have their terms ending and are up for election:

  • Vice President (2-year term)
  • Treasurer (2-year term)
  • Rooball Registrar (2-year term)
  • Competitive Registrar (2-year term)
  • Grounds & Fixtures Manager (2-year term)

The below positions are currently vacant and available now.

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Small-Sided Games Registrar

You can RSVP for the AGM here.

If you are interested in volunteering for the committee or in another capacity assisting the club, we would love to hear from you via


Belnorth FC Achieves 1 Star Club Changer Status

On the 20th of September, Belnorth FC achieved 1 Star Club Changer status, demonstrating commitment and dedication to the development of Women and Girls Football. This entitles Belnorth to access resources, services and potential funding for Women and Girls.

Special thanks to Kat Newman who put in the work to make this happen. Kat has been a long time advocate and champion for Girls and Women’s Football. Thank you, Kat!

With 1 Star under our belt, we will be looking toward achieving 2 Star status. To achieve the second star, the important area of Safeguarding will be one of the priorities for the club’s development plan.

If you are interested in assisting the club to achieve 2 Star Status, we’d love to hear from you via

Sponsor Belnorth in 2024

With the end of the year rapidly approaching, Belnorth is holding a Pre-Festive Sponsorship Drive for the 2024 winter season.

In time for 2024 we have introduced an additional jersey design with a stripe. This winter season, our U5-U9 teams were bursting at the seams, which required some juggling of jersey colours to avoid clashes. The new striped version has 13 variations to ensure enough variations for all our teams in 2024.

With the buzz still around from the Womens World Cup, we have had bumper numbers for our Summer Comp, so we expect even bigger numbers for the 2024 winter season.

If you are interested in sponsoring a team with jersey sponsorship or know a business that might be interested check out the packages here or email


Looking toward 2024

  • Registration opens: mid-January
  • Preseason Skills Program: Mondays 5/2 to 11/3 (6 weeks, TBD)
  • Senior Summer Feb Comp: Tuesdays 6/2 to 12/3 (6 weeks, TBD)
  • Grading: Mid to late February
  • Senior Leagues start: 6/7th April
  • MiniRoos/Junior League starts: 4th May
  • Kanga Cup: 7th to 12th of July

Current Belnorth FC Vacancies

The below vital roles are currently vacant.

  • Treasurer (volunteer/committee): Responsible for maintaining the financial accounts, receiving money, and paying invoices. A financial background with knowledge of bookkeeping is desirable. Belnorth’s bookkeeping is managed with Quickbooks.
  • Small Side Games Registrar (volunteer/committee): Manages the registration and running of the U10 and U11 age groups along with general committee member duties (e.g. meetings, decisions)
  • President (volunteer/committee member): Capital Football Liaison (disciplinary), Representative on External Meetings, Public Grant Administration, External Media Liaison.
  • Vice President (volunteer/committee): Responsible for assisting the President.

Every volunteer, whether a coach, manager, CVO, referee or committee member, helps the club tick.

If you want to help, please email

“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.” – Oscar Wilde

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