10-Year Awards

Each year, we award individuals who have played for the club for 10 years. We automatically award the 10-year awards to those that have served 10 consecutive years. For those that have accumulated 10 playing years, but not in sequential order, you will need to fill out the form below. You can also use the below form if you believe there has been an administrative oversight for those that have played consecutive years and not received an award.

10-Year Award Application Form

Attention: Only fill out this form for those that have played in non-consecutive years, i.e. there are breaks in playing or if you believe there has been an administrative oversight.

10 year award claim

We can verify registrations from 2009 onwards. For years played before 2009, please provide evidence of registration. Examples of evidence include registration receipts, trophy/medal photos, yearbooks or other compelling proof.

Allowed file types include images (jpg, jpeg, gif, png, bmp) and PDFs. You can upload 3 files with a total file size limit of 3MB. If you need to resize photo file sizes you can do that here.