How do I pay?

Belnorth encouranges its members to pay for their registration as when signing up with My Football Club.

Please note: If you pay with a credit card at this time you may incur bank fees on top of the registration.

If you have chosen not to use that method and elected to receive an invoice emailed to your registered email address, please make payment through direct deposits either via online funds transfer or over the counter at a Westpac branch.

BSB: 032727

Account Number: 192484

Name: Belnorth Football Club

Bank: Westpac

Comments: The invoice number from My Football Club (this is at the very top of your emailed invoice) PLUS your surname. If not enough space for multiple Invoice numbers then just your surname.

If payment is made by a deposit over the counter at a bank then often we lose the Comments field and it is difficult for the Treasurer to know who paid what. So please send an email to and advise what you paid.

Please note: Cheques and money orders will not be accepted.

Once payment has been confirmed by the Treasurer, your registration will be made Active in My Football Club. This can take up to two weeks depending on your method of payment.

Any problems with your payment, please contact the

Fees & charges

The following Junior packages are what you will see on the My Football Club website:

  1. U5 - players turning 5 this year ($100)
  2. U6/U7 - players turning 6 or 7 this year ($140)
  3. U8/U9 - players turning 8 or 9 this year ($140)
  4. U10 to U13 - players turning 10, 11, 12 or 13 this year ($170)
  5. U14 to U18 - players turning 14, 15, 16, 17 or 18 this year ($180)

Seniors packages are as follows:

  1. Bridging Package($310) only applies to a player who played with Belnorth last year and it is their first season as a senior
  2. Mens Masters ($400)
  3. Mens Masters O45 ($400)
  4. Womens Masters ($400)
  5. Womens State League ($400)
  6. Mens State League ($400)

Fees are broken down into four components. When you are invoiced you will see the different amounts and what they are used for. Such as:

  1. A Belnorth FC fee which is used to pay for equipment, jerseys, all costs pertaining to training and playing on ACT government fields and everything else such as presentation days and trophies.
  2. A Capital Football fee which includes insurance.
  3. A Football infrastructure levy from Capital Football.
  4. A Football Federation Australia fee.

Where does my Belnorth membership money go?

All Belnorth FC revenue raised through fees, sponsorship and other means is directed towards payments to the ACT Government, payments to Capital Football and the general costs of running the club. A rough guide to the breakdown is: 

  1. 40%-45% of revenue goes to Capital Football and FFA costs.
  2. 20% of revenue goes to TAMS for field and facilities hire for training & home grounds during the trials and winter season.
  3. The remainder on planned costs for equipment maintenance & replacement, presentation days & trophies, coaching & technical development, and other general costs of running a club.

Each year, depending on accuracy of budget forecasts for player numbers and any unforeseen events, the club will run at a small surplus or deficit.

Belnorth Family Rebate

Early in 2016 our committee voted to instate a rebate for families to provide some financial relief to families with three or more active players at our club. The rebate becomes active on the third, fourth and fifth family members and equates to a 40% refund for each of these players.  For example: Mr and Mrs Jones have three children at our club, the children are Jack (U16), Jane (U13) and Time (U7), there fess are $180, $170 and $140 respectively.  Once Mr and Mrs Jones pay the full fees for each of their children the rebate becomes active on Tim's fees of $140, which means they get a $56 rebate from the club.  To claim this rebate the eligible family need to complete the Family Rebate Request Form and email the request to the club Treasurer -

Requesting a refund

As players begin grading with Belnorth, the club is subject to various charges for grounds bookings, insurance and other administrative costs. Up until the first week of competition any player who withdrawals will be subject to a $20 administrative charge to cover these costs.

Once the season is underway there is an increased cost to the club per person. Any players who withdraw up until 30 June are able to request a refund of up to 50% of their registration fee. Any players submitting requests after that time are not considered eligible for a refund.

Players must submit their completed Refund request form either via email to or via the post to the club's post office box (PO Box 7148, Kaleen, ACT 2617). No refunds are granted purely on the basis of a verbal conversation.

Please note that all requests for refunds are to be ratified at the Executive Committee meeting held monthly, so depending on the timing of requests this may take up to four weeks to process.