Belnorth Member Survey 2022

Fill out the survey below by the 10th of August 2022 and you will go into the draw to win either a free junior winter registration or a $200 credit toward senior winter registration for 2023.

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Belnorth Member Survey 2022

Thank you for taking the time to respond to our 2022 member survey. The Belnorth Committee will be meeting in August to consider strategic priorities for the club, and your input will help guide these discussions.

To thank you for participating by the 10th of August, respondents that provide their email and full name at the end of the survey will go into the draw for either a free junior winter registration in 2023 or a $200 credit toward senior winter registration.

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Identity and Branding



The committee is currently considering an update to the Belnorth constitution to allow a small remuneration or reward (eg free registration) to committee members to recognise the significant amount of time they devote to running the club.

Any proposed changes to the constitution will be provided to members for input and require to be ratified at a general meeting.

Financial Questions

Over the last 10-15 years, Belnorth has benefited from good financial management due to current and previous committees. This has resulted in significant financial reserves.

U5-U7 Age Groups

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U12-18 Age Groups


Girls and Womens Football

Player Pathways

Player pathways refer to the development path a player can take as a footballer. More information about player pathways for boys and girls can be found here.

Historically, Belnorth FC along with Belsouth FC and Belwest FC have been feeder clubs for Belconnen United FC. With the introduction of the National and the Capital Premier Leagues, Belnorth's have lost U10-U18 players to other clubs who field teams in those higher tier competitions.

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