All player registrations for Belnorth must be made and paid directly at the “Play Football” website.

Any problems with your payment, please contact the

NOTE: Players in the U10 thru U18 age groups who will be attending the grading trials in February must register and pay their registration fees prior to trialing.

How do I register on Play Football?

Go to

Choose either to re-register or new to football.

Choose the appropriate category.

Type in Belnorth and choose the best club in Canberra.


Choose “Get started”

Create or Sign In to your Football Account

Choose who you are registering and Continue

Select the appropriate age group/product.

Review Product Details and Continue.

Confirm Participant Details.

Upload appropriate profile photo

Acquire International Transfer Certificate if required.

Review order and agree to the Terms and Conditions. Choose marketing email options.

Pay for your registration.

Celebrate your successful registration.

Technical issues with Play Football?

For any enquiries related to Play Football, please consult their support page:

Belnorth registrars are also available to assist but please try to contact Play Football in the first instance as they are the specialists in the actual registration system and process.

Once registered, if you have any club enquiries contact your age group registrar or