Belnorth Newsletter: No U5-U9 games this week, Female Football Week, Photos

Not Playing for Sheep Stations

Unfortunately, we have had reports of parents and spectators behaving badly at games. We’d like to remind everyone that football is a game to be played and refereed in a fun and safe environment.

Grown adults yelling at playersreferees and game leaders is not acceptable!

Playersreferees and game leaders are all learning and doing their best. Being berated from the sidelines isn’t going to foster this learning. It will only intimidate young children and turn them off the sport.

If you know you could behave better on the sidelines and want to learn how check out Play By The Rules and their Let Kids be Kids resources.

Let Kids be Kids

No U5-U9 and Senior Rounds this weekend

With the long weekend, there will be no U5 to U9 games this Saturday, 27/5/2023. Enjoy the sleep in!

Most Senior teams also have the weekend off, except some teams that are playing catch-up games. U10 to U18 teams still have games scheduled.

25% Off Steigen Sock Range at New Step Podiatry

New Step Podiatry, one of our MiniRoos sponsors, is generously offering Belnorth members a 25% discount on their Steigen Sock Range for the month of June in-store.

Steigen Socks are great to wear underneath shin guards and to prevent blisters, not to mention as an extra layer to keep warm during those frosty winter mornings.

To get the Steigen Socks along with the discount, head to New Step Podiatry Clinic in Florey and quote code NSPBelnorth25

Junior Team Photos

Junior Team Photos this season will be conducted at The Clubhouse Kaleen by Michael Thompson Photography (MTP), over two Friday afternoon/evenings, the 16/6 and 23/6. Photo session times will be shared when finalised.

The Clubhouse Kaleen is a good place to tuck into meal after or before the photo sessions and for that matter after a game on the weekend.

Registrars will confirm team lists with team managers/coaches along with asking if anyone wishes to opt-out of team photos.

If you don’t wish your child to be involved with the photos or your details provided to Michael Thompson Photography, please email MTP’s privacy policy is available here.

Female Football Week Continues

Female Football Week (FFW) continues until Sunday the 28th of May. Check out what the rest of the week has in stall:

  • Friday 26 May: FFW Networking & Awards Brunch (CF) 9 am to 12 pm at Rex Hotel and via social media.
  • Sunday 28 May: Belnorth FC SLW catch-up Gala Day Kaleen 1 Playing Fields

For more information about CF Events contact Clare Pyc, on For Belnorth events or if you want to promote your own FFW event email

U6 Open Players Needed

Some U6 Open teams need extra players. Please contact Ron via for more information.

School Sport ACT Football Trials

School Sport ACT State Team Selection Trials are open for U12, U16 and U18 age groups. More information here.

Boot Bin

The first Saturday of the Boot Bin for second-hand boots went well. Members donatedtried on and grabbed boots. Everyone was happy with the deal and felt the warm and fuzzy feeling of community.

The boot bin will be in action every Saturday Junior game day at Kaleen on Saturdays.

Club Shop takes a break

The Club Shop will be closed for a few weeks until the new stock of socks and shorts comes in. We will update you on when supplies are replenished, and the shop reopens.

Still available on the KonQa online store are the Spray Jackets ($75) and Backpacks ($66).

KonQa Shop

Current Belnorth FC Vacancies

Roles that are available now.

  • Treasurer (volunteer/committee): Responsible for maintaining the financial accounts, receiving money, and paying invoices. A financial background with knowledge of bookkeeping is desirable. Belnorth’s bookkeeping is managed with Quickbooks.
  • Small Side Games Registrar (volunteer/committee): Manages the registration and running of the U10 and U11 age groups along with general committee member duties (e.g. meetings, decisions)
  • President (volunteer/committee member): Capital Football Liaison (disciplinary), Representative on External Meetings, Public Grant Administration, External Media Liaison.
  • Vice President (volunteer/committee): Responsible for assisting the President.
  • Team Coaches (volunteer): junior and senior women teams need coaches.

Every volunteer, whether a coach, manager, CVO, referee or committee member, helps the club tick. If you want to help, please email

”I’ve learned that you shouldn’t go through life with a catcher’s mitt on both hands; you need to be able to throw something back.” – Maya Angelou

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