All player registrations for Belnorth must be made and paid directly into the "My Football Club" online system.

Credit card payments may incur bank fees.

Any problems with your payment, please contact the

NOTE: Players in the U10 thru U18 age groups who will be attending the grading trials in February  must register and pay their registration fees prior to trials.

How do I register on My Football Club?

Go to and click on “Register Now”.

Scroll down and click on “Player Registration”.

Important note: You must have a FFA number for each player registration.  

On the 'Player Registration' page (screen shot to left):Capture1

  1. If you have previously registered and you know your FFA number click on the first link to 'login',
  2. If you have forgotten your FFA number you can click on the second link to recover the number to the email address you used last time you registered, or
  3. If you have never registered for football before click on the third link to create an FFA.


Once you have your FFA follow these steps to register with Belnorth Football Club.

Log in and click “Register Now”.

Check all of the details. Check contact and family details are correct and make sure that the Emergency Contact #2 details are either left completely blank, or completely filled in. The system will not let you proceed if the details are not completed.

On the registCaptureration page ensure that at Step 1 the club name of 'Belnorth Football Club' is selected (see screen shot right) this will then provide drop down options to select to complete the following Steps.  At Step 4 click on the 'Add Packages' button the Club name to Belnorth.

Read and acknowledge the terms – you must scroll down to acknowledge all of the terms. Click “Next”. Then follow the steps through to  payment.

Confirmation of registration should be automatically sent to the email address provided with the registration.  

If you have technical issues with My Football Club:

For any enquiries related to My Football Club, please contact them on the following:


Phone: 02 8020 4199

OR the Belnorth registrars are also able to help but please try to contact My Football Club first as they are the specialists in the actual registration. Once registered, if you club enquiries contact your age group registrar or